The following are frequently asked questions (FAQ) about professional writing, website design, and website development services:

How long will it take?

Most websites will take four to five weeks to go live. Usually, it take about two weeks to do the initial planning and design work, a week to build the site, and another week or two to make any adjustments. Obviously, time spent writing content or resolving hosting or domain issues would extend the time to complete.

How much does a website cost?

Most sites will cost $1,000 to $2,000 to design and build. The cost could go higher if configuring additional functionality, writing content, or heavy customizations are required. I recommend developing the site in manageable phases, so that no one phase is cost prohibitive.

Who owns the site?

You do. I simply provide a service. You will always own everything in the site, subject to the license of the software or any artwork. Because WordPress is open source, you never have to worry about license fees or vendor lock-in.

What happens if Loye is called to his heavenly reward?

At any time, you can take over site development or to have someone else work on the site. Because the site is built with WordPress, there are thousands of developers that can assist.

What if I don’t want religious content?

That is entirely up to you. Not every site should have religious content. I am happy to develop websites with any moral and legal content and purpose. However, as a Roman Catholic, I cannot knowingly write or support anything contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

What if I am not Catholic?

Not a problem! I will work for clients of any religious belief or background, whether Catholic or not Catholic.

As a Roman Catholic, naturally I cannot write or support anything contrary to Catholic Church teachings. Fortunately, most Americans agree on far more than we disagree on.

If you are interested in learning more about the truth of the Roman Catholic Church, see my website TexasPreacher.org.

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